Android Setup Tutorial

Perfect Player App for Android Live TV StoreThis tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an Any Android device, tablet, tv box, or phone. The Live TV Store, TV service requires the use of an IPTV media controller app, there are a few of these available in Play Store, however, this tutorial is based on a free app called ‘Perfect Player’, this app is free to download and use.

Android Setup Instructions

  1. Go to ‘Play Store‘ and search for ‘Perfect Player‘.
  2. Install Perfect Player.
  3. Run ‘Perfect Player’, it takes a while to start up on first run so be patient.
  4. We now need to configure Perfect Player, so, click onto the side bar and open the settings menu, then click onto the ‘Cog’ in order to enter the configuration menu.
  5. Click onto ‘General’
  6. Click onto ‘Playlist 1’ and enter your unique playlist URL into the ‘Playlist 1’ URL field, then click onto ‘OK’.
  7. Click onto ‘EPG 1’ and enter the EPG URL we sent to you into the URL field, then click onto ‘OK’. Please contact us for the EPG URL, if you do not have it.
  8. Click onto the back button to exit.
  9. Perfect Player should automatically update the playlist and EPG, it can take a few minutes. You can also refresh the playlist manually by clicking onto the settings menu.

Additional Configuration Settings

  1. Click onto ‘GUI’
  2. Perfect Player has a mobile phone remote control app called ‘Perfect Remote‘ which makes navigation very easy.
  3. You can choose to group channels by country and category into folders, this can make navigation easier.
  4. You can choose to automatically start Perfect Player on device boot up.

Files Required

  1. Perfect Player

Live TV Store Files Repository

If you have any problems fetching apps from Play Store, click here.

Watching Live TV after initial setup

  1. Run the Perfect Player app.
  2. Wait for Perfect Player to load, this can take a minute or two.
  3. Select a channel view.

Troubleshooting Live TV

If you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.

  1. Reboot your Android device and Router.
  2. If you require the EPG URL please contact us.