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Have you been searching for a reliable IPTV solution?

The Live TV Store IPTV service can be accessed through a wide range of devices. It’s the perfect solution for viewing your favourite TV shows or streaming your favourite Live events. Whether you are looking to view at home and watch a film or stream live football on the move, we have everything you’ll possibly need! A single IPTV account will allow you to access everything you need to all your preferred devices.

Worldwide Access
Live TV Store provides access to the worlds best TV providers, FTA and Premium TV, Film and Sport. Watch HD quality TV from around the world.
Quality Feeds
Sit back, relax and watch the Live TV Store service directly on your Samsung or LG Smart TV as if you were watching Live HD TV.
Direct Access
The Live TV Store IPTV works in any country on any compatible computer or device. You do not need a DNS or VPN for our Live TV service.
Programme Guide
The Live TV Store software and applications provides a comprehensive Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), so you will never miss a show again.
Quality Support
Live TV Store offers round the clock support, its available seven days a week, through Ticketing, Private Message, Live Chat and Email.
Bufferless Streams
The very best HD quality streams means you will receive supreme quality playback at all times and enough resources to offer bufferless viewing.
Running through any active worldwide internet connection with a recommended minimum speed of at least 10mbps this excellent service is compatible with PC’s, Mac’s and Linux computers as well as all Apple and Android devices such as iPhone and iPad and Android phones and tablets. There is compatibility with Samsung and LG Smart TV’s through the Smart IPTV app available in the App Store on those televisions. Our Live TV service also works on Amazon Fire TV devices and Chromecast.

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