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You are always in full control of your channel list with Live TV Store! You add or remove channels and categories at any time, which means you have complete parental control at all times.

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Easy to follow

Kodi Setup Guides

This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for Kodi using the PVR IPTV Simple Client. The Live TV Store IPTV service requires the use of an IPTV media controller app, this tutorial is based on a free app called ‘PVR IPTV Simple Client’, this app is free to download and use.

Kodi Setup Instructions

1. Open

Open Kodi and Click onto ‘TV’.

2. Add-On

Click onto ‘Enter add-on browser’.

3. Client

Choose ‘PVR IPTV Simple Client’ from the list of addons.

4. Configure

Click onto ‘Configure’.

5. General

Click onto ‘General’.

6. Location

Ensure the Location is set to ‘Remote Path (Internet Address)’.

7. Playlist

Then Select ‘M3U Play List URL’.

8. Playlist URL

Enter your unique Playlist URL and then click onto the ‘OK’ button.

9. Enable

Click onto the ‘Enable’ button.

10. Loaded

Wait for a few moments until you receive and notification that the channels have been loaded.

11. Complete

Go to the ‘Home Screen’ select ‘TV’ to view your channel list.

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Our Live TV Service is compatible with all Windows, Mac and Linux computers, All Apple and Android devices, Samsung and LG Smart TV’s through compatible Smart IPTV apps,  Android TV’s, Amazon FIre TV and many other devices.


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