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Live TV Store has complete setup guides for all compatible devices and systems. If you need help setting up your IPTV app or device please contact our support team, we are always available to help.

VLC Player Setup Guide

Step by step setup guide for VLC Player.  You can use VLC Player on Windows, Mac and Linux.

1. Download VLC Player

You can use VLC Player on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Download VLC Player directly from the developers website.

Download VLC Player

2. Configure VLC Player

We now need to configure VLC Player to play the Live TV Store playlist.

Login to the members area on the Live TV Store website and copy the SSL MPEGTS URL.

Open VLC Player and to to Media > Open Network Stream and paste the playlist URL into the Network URL text box, then click Play.

3. View Playlist

Once your stream has loaded you can click onto View >  Playlist to view your channel list.


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