Speedtest Tool

If you have any buffer problems with our service, you probably have issues with routing to our servers. This speedtest will test your routing to our main server and reveal if you have any problems.

Test Results Explained
Download Speed
– Download speed is the maximum speed you will be able to fetch data from our server. This should really be at least 10mbps for regular streaming, and up to 25mbps for UHD feeds. The higher the speed, the better, particularly if you have poor ping time.
Upload Speed – The upload speed is not really important, its only really used to send requests, the quicker your upload the faster you can send requests, the faster you send requests the quicker the data is sent to you.
Ping – Ping time is one of the most important aspects of any internet connection. Ping is the delivery protocol, it affects the latency of your internet connection and the tcp throughput, the higher the ping, the higher the latency, the slower your overall speed. Most people would assume a 300mpbs fibre optic connection won’t have any problems, right? Whilst this may be true in most instances its not always correct. If a user with 300mbps has a high ping time of, lets say 90ms, they will only really have a throughput of approximately 20mbps and thats with 0% packet loss. The lower the ping the better, a good result will be close to 30ms!
Jitter – Jitter is the irregular delay in the sending of data packets over a network. So, in other words, jitter will cause problems with the feed, it may not actually stop, start and buffer, but you may notice sound or visual variations or fluctuations. If your jitter reaches 20ms you may notice feeds suffering from freezing, or the video may speeding up, and you may also get some pixellation. You ideally want your jitter to be below 5ms.

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