November 25, 2020


Excellent site. Only problem I had was it Has to be connected to the house Internet as I can’t toddle off my phone on 4G

November 21, 2020


Very good service, I did the trial and may well give 5 stars after using the service for longer. The customer service was also good. All in all, what’s not to like?

November 18, 2020


This is a very app to get around I really am enjoying every thing about and when my free trials is up I have really thinking bout decided this is the app for me no buffing really like it …

November 16, 2020


Great layout and easy to find my favorite channels!!! Watching any NFL game rn and gonna watch a movie from the VOD section after, great value and even better entertainment!!!! …

November 15, 2020


I still have some weeks left on my current paid subscription so I am comparing them simultaneously so far live-tv store is much better sports and channels generally although I agree with another trialist? in that it can be a tad slow to connect to a channel but a good experience so far …

November 10, 2020


I have been using the service now for three days and have had no problems. The wide variety of channels and Movies makes it more than worth while to get. I would recommend the service to anyone. …

November 10, 2020


Easy to install and set up, fast response to questions. Amazing choice of channels from all over the world! Great picture quality once channel has loaded. Only negative is changing channels takes slightly longer than I would like. But highly impressed with service . …

November 5, 2020


At first, it seems to take some time to get to the channels. But it was me who have done something wrong. Good quality and a lot of channels.

November 5, 2020


I really enjoyed this service..cant believe how many channels you actually get. Me being a big sports guy I had every game I wanted to watch..I would definitely recommend this service. …

November 4, 2020


Very easy to install and very easy to navigate. There is a lot of good content on this platform. I had issues on day one but the support team was highly responsive and helped me resolve quickly. Thank you. …

October 21, 2020


At 1st i had a few problems with getting it to work properly. But after a bit of help from customer support was all sorted out and working brillantly. Highly recommended service ,dont get me wrong theres a few channels that dont work properly but cant really complain. Definitely the best iptv service ive ever had and used. …

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